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Idiotville #204: Saying "Thoughts and Prayers" is the Same as Doing Nothing

May 29, 2022 Idiotville Podcast
Idiotville: Erie, PA’s Favorite Podcast
Idiotville #204: Saying "Thoughts and Prayers" is the Same as Doing Nothing
Show Notes


Dill is back in the pilot seat and is joined in the Hall of Justice by Anna and Brent.

This is a discussion of the recent mass shooting in Texas (as well as other events) and the terrible but expected reaction from the right. We’re passionate about this subject, but we do ease into it a little.

First things first: an update on the absence of a show last week and our hardware update. 

Some topics:

Lauren Boebert and her parentage, education, and moronic takes. This, of course, leads into a digression about Karl Malone. 

The country has been willing to act in the past when things have happened (TSA Anyone?) but the right refuses to do anything other than offer meaningless gestures and lame talking points on this one. 

We address the normal things: Semantic arguments, arming teachers, armed guards, and so on. 

Why are background checks controversial? Why is the argument always “more guns”?

We can’t legislate intelligence. 


Juice Box Boy from Hamburg Brewing is our beer this week! It’s an excellent choice by Brent. Listen in to see how we rated it! Also, to find out where the Conquistador is! If video is your thing, check out the Beer Segment on our YouTube channel, link below!


Mike Kelly has an epic bad take that managed to age badly in a mere 3 days.

Why is the NRA convention the only place they don’t want guns? Lee Greenwood pulled out of that event, and if he’s out, maybe they should change strategy.

The bottom line is: We can’t let this blow over. 


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