Idiotville: Erie, PA’s Favorite Podcast

Idiotville #209: Nerding Out!

July 03, 2022
Idiotville: Erie, PA’s Favorite Podcast
Idiotville #209: Nerding Out!
Show Notes


Dill, Brent, and Anna are in the Hall of Justice!

What’s going on with our Patreon? Good stuff!

Brent found his unicorn! He can die happy!

What are we nerding about? What do we do in our spare time and not podcasting?


We tried out a “Hold Me Close I’m Tired of Dancing” from Erie Brewing Company! Of course, we play our favorite game, “Where’s the Conquistador?” You can find the video version of this segment on Facebook and our YouTube page. 


Anna talks about her favorite hobby!

Brent talks about HIS favorite hobby!

Dill talks about his multiple favorite hobbies, but drills down to one!

There’s a lot of great stuff this week, give us a download and check it out!


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